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The Draft Bill on Mining Code on the table of the National Assembly

On the 26th of November 2016, Mr. GBWABOUBOU Ernest, Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development presented the draft bill on Mining Code  before  the Production and Exchanges committee of the National Assembly.

Articulated in twelve (12) chapters and two hundred and forty two (242) articles, this draft mining code contains the following main innovations:

-       The institutionalization of semi-mechanized small-scale in mines and quarries,

-       The introduction of specific provisions for radioactive substances,

-       The enhanced monitoring and control of small-scale mining production through the institution of a structure regulating related activities,

-       The establishment of a standard mining convention and the development of its content,

-       The creation of public quarries dedicated to the completion of public works,

-       The improvement of incentive support to operators in the mining sector,

-       The improvement of the framework for trading on mining titles in order to prevent market speculations which bring no profits to the state,

-       The institutionalization of local content in mining projects to maximize the social benefits of projects and encourage harmonious relationships between mining project promoters, local residents and indigenous peoples on project sites,

-       The establishment of better governance with the legal integration of principles governing the extractive industries transparency initiatives (eiti) and the kimberley process (kp),

-       The creation of funds to promote the sustainable developmentof the mining sector,

-       Legal framework for spring waters, mineral and thermo-mineral waters as well as geothermal deposits exploration activities,

-       The improvement of the links between the mining law and national legislation on land, agriculture, forestry and environment;

-       The improvement of the populations' health care during the deployment of mining activities;

-       The clarification and strengthening of penalties,

-       The supervision of management and access to geological and mining information;


-       The establishment of reporting standards for mineral resources and reserves.

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