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Draft Budget 2017, eleven billion eight hundred and five million (11,805,000,000) F CFA projected for MINMIDT.

On the 27th of November 2016, Mr. GBWABOUBOU Ernest, Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development presented the draft budget 2017 of his ministry before  the finance and budget committee of the National Assembly.

The  envelope notified to the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, amounts to eleven billion eight hundred and five million (11,805,000,000)  FCFA, as against ten billion and nineteen million (10 019 000 000) CFA in the year 2016, representing an increase of one billion seven hundred and ninety six million (+ 1 786 000 000) FCFA in absolute value and +17.83% in relative value.

this amount is distributed as follows:

1) operating expenditures: five billion eighty five million (5085 000 000) CFA;

2) investment expenditures: six billion seven hundred and twenty million (6 6720 000 000) CFA.


The envelope will enable the completion of priority activities engaged in 2016 and taking into account of the new activities planned for 2017.

Thus, the achievements envisaged for 2017 are declined according to the main development axes of mines, industry and technological development policy, as set out in the ministerial strategy.

1.      Program 376 entitled development of mining and geological resources, benefits from an envelop of six billion two hundred and fourty seven million four hundred and fifty five thousand (6,247,455,000) cfa.


the channelling of mineral substances will be achieved by CAPAM while traceability and certification will be performed by the SNPPK.

Emphasis will be laid on the improvement of geological and mining information through the intensification of geophysical surveys and the continuation of the modernization of the mining registry.

The  third international conference on mining industry in cameroon (CIMEC) will be organized to ensure the promotion of the mining potential of our country.

A  greater participation of the administration in the field will be effective with the intensification of mining sites visits in order to ensure the rehabilitation of the sites and the harmonious exploitation of subsoil resources.

2.      Program 377 relating to the diversification and improvement of the competitiveness of industrial sectors will be allocated one billion seven hundred and fifty one million seven hundred and thirty eight thousand(1,751,738,000) CFA. this amount will be used for the implementation of the industrialization master plan and the operation of the national inspection committee.

the second edition of the Cameroon Investment Forum (CIF) will be organized by the Investment Promotion Agency.

CCIMA will carry out studies prior to the construction of public warehouses at the deep sea port of kribi.

ANOR will have a multiannual engagement authorization to complete the construction of the metrology laboratory.

3.      Program 378 on the development of technological inventions, innovations and assets of industrial property will be allocated six hundred, thirty nine million two hundred and ninety nine thousand (639 299 000) CFA francs.

This  amount will be used to complete the putting in place of the agro-industrial technology park.

support for the prototyping of local inventions will also be pursued.

technology and innovation support centers will be extended, new geographical indications will be registered and the capacities of the staff in charge of industrial property will be built with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

4.      Program  379, relating to the support for minmidt’s activities, will be endowed three billion one hundred and sixty six million, five hundred eight thousand (3,166,508,000) CFA.

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